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    The strange case of Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin

    By: David B. Larter, January 22, 2017

    Some very peculiar aspects to this case.............and some doubtful prosecution aspects too................
    ... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 23-01-17

    The USN's future?

    Missile failure off Florida? British leader won't say

    By: Gregory Katz, The Associated Press, January 22, 2017

    Very few UK governments would confirm or deny this.............they just keep... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 23-01-17

    Royal Navy matters

    An AW 101 helicopter ordered by the Indonesian Air Force undergoes a test at Leonardo-Finmecanicca in Yeovil, England, last week. The Air Force chief of staff is to be questioned about the purchase... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 22-01-17

    Indonesian Airforce Developments

    Indian Team to Visit Russia for Critical Purchases


    10:10 20.01.2017

    The Indian armed forces are on a drive to shore up war reserves currently at half of the... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 22-01-17

    Indian Defense Briefs

    I think his full speech deserves to be here - it is after all a quick read.

    If he succeeds with his infrastructure program, there is no doubt in my humble opinion that he wins over the American... Go to last post

    Wolftrap on 21-01-17

    Trump's new Presidency